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CITI, INC specializes in the production of software and hardware solutions for sophisticated, industrial automation applications—both commercially and for government entities. With an expertise in the design and manufacturing of custom control solutions, our company spans across three permanent offices located in the Carolinas. With a staff of more than 50 highly trained professionals, we strive not only to deliver reliable, innovative tech solutions, but also pride ourselves on our continued success stemmed from high-quality workmanship and individualized care for each customer’s integration projects. If you live in North or South Carolina, there is an extremely good chance that the water and waste management services you utilize daily are delivered and maintained in part to the efforts of CITI, INC!

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Control Systems Integration Solutions

From “concept design” to “system installation” and everything in between, CITI offers control integration solutions that fit all our client’s needs. In addition to our capabilities of developing industrial-grade PLC and SCADA software solutions that will keep your facility running, we also offer in-house UL certified panel construction services. Allow us to be your one-stop-shop to achieving fully-automated process control.

  • SCADA Development
  • Control Design
  • PLC Programming
  • Panel Fab/UL Listed Shop

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Network Solutions

Professionally maintained networking architecture and high-speed communications are essential for reliable and instantaneous feedback on how your facilities’ processes are performing. Our customers know and trust our aptitude for high-quality network design, ranging from local fiber-optic communications to long-rang telemetry solutions. CITI will always deliver your ideal networking solution to cover both large and small projects. We’ll oversee the design and installation of the new systems and network upgrades to ensure they satisfy all the needs of your operations and management teams.

  • Network Design
  • Cyber Security
  • Telemetry
  • Fiber Optic Networking

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High-Quality service and support is the backbone of any reliable system. CITI's work doesn’t stop after installation: our top-tier engineering support teams are standing by to provide around-the-clock protection, ensuring that you can rest easy knowing that local, in-person support is just a phone-call away. We are passionate about the work and services we provide, and we know just how important it is that customers feel that abundant confidence that CITI is renowned for.

  • System Maintenance
  • Emergency Service/Support
  • Instrumentation Calibration
  • Energy Management
  • Inventory Management

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Water & Wastewater



Life Science

Security & Monitoring

While CITI specializes in the water and waste treatment industries, we have designed, programmed, and installed control systems for a bounty of diverse business sectors! We remain thoroughly invested in providing premiere services to power utilities, manufacturing, mass agriculture, poultry farming, bottling/distilling, life sciences research and customers explicitly interested in automation security. Our diverse knowledge base is rooted in the foundation of our company's unique job history and executed by our dedicated staff who continues to carry forth our company's legacy with confidence and stalwart enthusiasm.

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