Networking Solutions


CITI designs, installs and configures network architectures for both small and large facilities!

Every customer has different equipment with unique communication protocols. When you need reliable, high-speed data exchange between your facility’s devices, trust in CITI to provide a wide range of networking solutions, ranging from design to device installation and configuration. We’ll oversee the design and installation of new systems and network upgrades to ensure that they satisfy all of the needs of your operations and management teams. You can always count on CITI to deliver ideal networking solutions for projects both big and small.


We also design, furnish, terminate, test and configure fiberoptic networks.

Fiber Optic Services

  • Network design
  • Cable furnishing
  • Cable termination
  • Light Loss and OTDR testing
  • Media converter configuration


Fiberoptic communications are essential for facilities that demand high-speed communications for devices over 200ft away. We’ll furnish the proper cable and terminate it after installation with core integrity testing included!


Need a long range solution? CITI can design, install and integrate long-range telemetry solutions!

Telemetry Solutions

  • Redundant network design
  • Site Surveys
  • Radio configuration
  • Cellular, Microwave and RF


CITI has years of experience in designing custom, long-range communications solutions. We have the team and the tools to properly survey radio communications across challenging terrain. We also understand the implications of ongoing costs, and will help design a system that best fits your budget for your specific needs.


Mobile Data Acquisition

CITI’s proprietary Mobile Data Acquisition (MDA) app offers plant operators an easy way to gather field data.

Why Mobile Data Acquisition:

MDA Application Features

  • Simplifies oversight of collected data
  • Works even without internet access
  • 10x faster acquisition than traditional methods
  • Auto-identification of missing/corrupt data
  • Alarms generated based on the data collected
  • Integration with Ignition and Hach WIMS
  • Customizable, Automatic Report Generation


Data collection is troublesome when your sites are physically inaccessible or off-network. CITI Mobile Data Acquisition (MDA) provides a way for your data would be collected with ease! Our application rapidly transfers field data to the database of your choice. The data acquired by MDA can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. MDA can be hosted on premise servers, data-centers or on any major cloud provider.