CITI is ready to provide on-site services, immediately!

On-Demand and Contract Services

  • Facility efficiency audits
  • Ongoing system performance monitoring
  • Routine equipment calibration
  • Emergency field hardware analysis and repair
  • Urgent programming modifications

There is no problem without a CITI solution; that is why we are on standby to help you at a moment’s notice! We understand that unforeseen challenges may arise that can impact facility uptime. We offer emergency services as well as comprehensive annual service plans to ensure that same-day, in-person support is just a phone call away!


It is ok if you do not have a contract with us! We are eager to meet you and uncover the best way to help you! When your facility begins to falter, CITI is ready to pick up the slack. We can help get your operations back on track and provide additional programming changes, upgrades, and hardware  to usher your facilities into the modern era with our cutting-edge solutions.